About me

Or why I call myself "Centroid of outliers"

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About me
Photo taken by my self-taught photographer (and originally entrepreneur and engineer like me) Alex skob.io

Hi and welcome to my online presence on a little piece of memory on a server on the vast internet.

I'm a curious person who likes to try different things, in that sense, I'm an Explorer of the universe and an Entrepreneur.

I enjoy philosophy, mathematics, computer programming, psychology, and social sciences.

These do sound cliché (with that e-acute in the end), but hear my reasoning. I moved abroad to study my final year of high school when I was in high school age, 17. Since then I've lived in 5 different countries, at the moment calling Sweden 🇸🇪 my home.

My explorations were not only "geographical", but also on intellectual level as well. I studied Computer Science and then in Master's, Data Science, but I never worked as "Data Scientist". I worked on my startup directly after graduations, worked in a PE firm as an Investment Manager, switched back to tech, worked as Product Manager in Fintech companies (one B2C and one B2B company). I like explorations and I believe we are here on 🌍 to explore, feel experiences and build memories.

Hobbies is another area I have explored. After all, how would you know what you like and not if you don't give it a try?

Okay, time for more of a professional intro? Maybe my LinkedIn is enough. Maybe.

Tell me what you like to know more in the comments and I'll update this page.