A brief list of projects I'm involved in.


I'm currently working on my Enterprise Saas startup, Finna. We are building the Copilot for the Investor Relations department in Publicly listed companies. I will share more insights on it as we are building the product.

Finna | Investor Relations Redefined
Finna centralizes all your investor relations data and makes it easy to share with your investors.

Side projects

Here is a non-exhaustive list of projects I'm involved in, in various degrees.


The world’s knowledge at your fingertips

A fun project together with Emil Ahlback where we built an AI Search engine in a week. We got featured on different platforms such as:

OpenAI Under Fire: GPT-4 Trained with YouTube Videos
PLUS: New AI voice cloning engine, Perpexity’s new brother Complexity, More AI agents for better LLM performance

and got backed by the Cohere founding team:


Jämför partiers politik och se vad som är bäst för dig och EU.

A generative chatbot to assess political parties in Sweden. Made it for the EU Elections. Quick demo here:


HackerPM is a newsletter teaching Product Managers to be more tech-savvy so they can build better technical products.

HackerPM | Hamed Mohammadpour | Substack
Demystifying Tech jargon for Product Managers. Click to read HackerPM, by Hamed Mohammadpour, a Substack publication. Launched 8 months ago.

Stockholm Founder Club

A social community for founders in Stockholm with more than 400 members gathering for healthy habits, runs, and brunches in town.

Stockholm Founders Coral
Empowering Founders, Cultivating Connections

💛 Vectorboard

An open-source RAG eval framework. It's a bit slow on the open-source part, but we are using quite a bunch of it internally for Finna.

💛 Vectorboard
Open Source Embeddings Optimization and Eval Framework.


A habit-tracking app on Android and iOS, worked side by side Alex, the main developer on Product and Growth aspects. We got to 6,000 MAU.

Social platform for reaching any goals
Planning increases your success rate significantly. We build a free custom-made tool that will help you think through your plan! Print a plan and place it on your fridge. Balance your wheel of life. Add habits to the app to be accountable and much more…

Past projects

Dolores AI

An AI Video Editor where you can create faceless videos by a prompt, like:

Create an informational video about great wall of china
Dolores Studio
Let your creativity run wild. Create videos with AI at Scale.


I developed A chrome extension while I was in college to list all open tabs in Chrome (which later became a browser feature). Interestingly it still has 2,000 active users (May 2024), and peaked at 3,000 users.

SuperTabs allows you to list and search current open tabs and switch to them quickly.