I like an active lifestyle, both physically and mentally. On the physical side, I'm a runner and recreational tennis player 🎾.  Hiking and camping is another favorite activity of mine in summer, replaced with skiing in the winter.

I recently started to whittle, the deer below is my first ever creation. 🗿

On more professional hobbies, I like solving algorithms and coding in my spare time. Some of the notable projects that saw a ray of light are:

Supertabs chrome extension

A weekend project to solve my own problem in chrome back in 2018. You can full-text search all open tabs by a keyboard shortcut and start writing. Navigate to the tab by a press of an Enter key.

ImageFlow (deprecated)

Also built to solve my own problem back in 2016 when Tensorflow was barely 3 months old. It solved converting images to a unique (and strange) format TF was accepting back then to train deep learning models for images.

Exporting trained TensorFlow models to C++ the RIGHT way!

Another Tensorflow related project is a medium blog post with over 110,000 visitors on how to export trained Tensorflow models in Python to C++ (with code examples).

And probably one of my highest professional satisfaction when I received community feedback for it.